Earth Hour 2015

I think that Earth hour is a great idea. Earth hour is going to occur this saturday, and it will be an hour out of the day where lots of cities turn off there lights in order to help save the planet. Here is Earth Hours official website:

I think that it is very helpful and a unique idea too try and spend one hour of the year without lights. I believe that this is important, because it shows how we can make a big change in very little time. I hope that lots of cities participate in this event, because the more participation that occurs, the more we are helping the planet.  I think that it will be helpful for people to spread awareness, because the more people that know about this event, the more cities will want to participate. I hope that Earth Hour is successful this year, and that many people and cities will try and make a difference.

I am going to try and turn off my lights like the cities participating. I want to help and make as much as a difference as I can, no matter how small, and put my part into this event.

Choker Conversation

In class we are all reading different books with small groups. My group decided to read Choker by Elizabeth Woods. My group gathered together and discussed what we had read so far, in a literature circle. Here is my reflection, and an attached video:

In my book club discussion I learned that by listening to other peoples views on the same text, it allows you to think in different ways that you might not have before. I think that I also had a deeper understanding of the book after the book discussion because I was able to get more opinions and details that I might not have picked up on. I think that this week my group did a good job of keeping on task. I also think we did a really good job of keeping the conversation flowing, and not having awkward silences. My whole group was very engages, which allowed for a steady discussion. Next week I think we should work harder on not talking over each other next week. We did have moments during our discussion where there were multiple people talking at once, and it was hard to listen and understand what was going on. Our lit circle talked about a lot of themes we had notices in the book. We also discussed our predictions based on evidence we had already read. For example, during our lit circle we were able to flip through our annotations we had made, and find evidence themes to begin discussing. Our notes ended up helping us a lot, and allowed for a bit of a guide in our discussion. My group also had some tough questions that we worked on trying to answer. I think that I did a good job of participating in our video. A strong point our group had was that everyone was fairly equal in how much they talked. We were all very engaged in the conversation, and this led to lots of participation from not only me, but also the rest of my group. Next time I will work on trying to not talk over people, and to help other make sure to take their turns when discussing our book.

Here is the video:



Writing from Seventh Grade!

Here is a piece of writing that I did in seventh grade. I thought that it would be interesting to share this story with you, so here it is!

Blue Wings

I tucked a straggling piece of my honey colored hair behind my ear as I stared out at the old and rugged fence. The palm trees were caving in towards the blunt edges of the fence, and the stinging orange bursting from the birds of paradise stood out against the rest of the green palms and foliage. Carefully, I cupped my hands around the fence, the melon color painted across my nails standing out from the dirty brown beneath it. I stood on the tiptoes of my not-so-white converse, craning my neck like a giraffe to try and peer over the edge. I gazed down to see a silky blanket; a glistening pool of blue surrounded by soft green granite splayed itself out across a graveled pathway. In the pool three children were playing and splashing around, their skin a glowing tan from the hot and alluring sun that sat itself up in the cloudless sky. It was a beautiful, serine, dreamful, paradise. Above me, I heard a sharp rustling, which as I looked up, appeared to be coming from a yellowish set of claws grasping onto a billowing branch. Slowly, the fierce set of claws unleashed themselves from the tree, and showed a set of eye-catching cerulean wings. The bird swooped down, gracefully, and landed on my left shoulder, delicately. It let out a shallow coo, and gazed over at a small yet nail bitingly painful looking cut sitting on the underneath of the birds sapphire belly. I glanced back up into the bird’s bright amber eyes that had filled themselves with sorrow. I walked across the concrete floors of my backyard and opened up the sliding door, which let out a screeching shriek. I could feel the bird flinching from the sound as I walked into the marble countered kitchen. I carefully stepped over towards a mahogany wood drawer where I pulled out a cotton ball that resembled the tail of a hopping rodent, a small and worn out box of Band-Aids, and a jar filled with antibiotics. I craned my neck to the side, and dapped the cotton ball smoothly across the wounded area. After cleaning up the cut, I sealed it with a brightly colored blue Band-Aid in an attempt to blend the injury in with the rest of the bird’s fluorescent feathers. I walked back over towards where the creaky door stood half opened, and the bird began to spread its magnificent wings, and eventually flew away.